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Growing Pains

Alyssa has known me since I was 5 years old. We grew up together navigating puberty, crushes, friendship, and our passions. We attended different high schools because I moved away. We hadn't connected with each other in 3 years. Now as sophomores in college our friendship has grown into not being friends out of proximity but out of choice. Now our friendship is centered around our growing pains of leaving behind our past, figuring out who we want to be, and coming to terms with our Mexican culture.


In the media it was very rare to see figures that weren't overly sexualized. Now as young adults we are trying to come to terms with how we do and don't fit in this narrative. The conversations I have with her inspired me to focus my work around empowering Latina women and making spaces for our stories to be heard. This is the representation we always wanted but never got. 

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