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Missouri Home

Inspired by my friendship with Lydia. I moved more than 1,000 miles away from home for college. I was scared and nervous because I had never been to Missouri let alone known anyone there, I was never sure if I was ever going to be able to call Missouri home. Since becoming friends with her it made me reevaluate the definition of home. 



This project was inspired by my own experience with my first situationship. Although I had heard of my friends coming in and out of situationships I never fully understood them until I got myself entangled in one. The back and forth of will turn into something or am I wasting my time but yet I stayed. This is still an ongoing project.


Growing Pains

This project was inspired by reconnection with my long term best friend Alyssa. Our friendship is now center around choice and not proximity. Our conversations often about the growing pains it comes with growing as a Latina woman. She has inspired me to create these photos of the representation we always wanted but never got in the media growing up. This is still an ongoing project.



The word quiescent means "in a state of inactivity or dormancy." I think in a life that is centered around going to college and then right after finding a job but also the melodrama of our everyday social life. Our everyday expectations consume us where there is little to no time for us to be quiescent.

Growing up I've always gone to art museums and admired all the different types of art. It's something that sparked my art career in photography. But recently as I've gotten older I realized that very few people take the time to look at art. Instead, this glance at it pull out their phone and take a photo and move on. This is still an ongoing project.

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Behind the Glass

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Something then Nothing

Reflecting on the pass and the present I realized that I never really thought about how before all the skyscrapers, black pavement roads, and grey cement sidewalks there were once lush green grasses and trees. There was this beautiful something so how long until we have nothing?

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